Spencer Z.

Good day everyone,

I hope that many of you are enjoying a snow day, either home from school or took the day off from work to be with your loved ones! Today I have a very pleasant young man named Spencer with me. He's 20 and from the Medford, MN area but now currently resides in Rochester. He doesn't have any children, but from what I hear he has a wonderful father.

Tell us about growing up, what's your dad like?

"When I was a little kid my dad would come home from work, he's a math teacher. My mom would have dinner prepared for us three, my dad would talk with us about how his day went. He would be there for me as somebody who I could play with or answer questions about things a young man might wonder. Before I would go to bed my dad would sit by me and read me stories out of the bible and we would talk about it for a while before we would pray and he would tuck me into bed. This is how my life was growing up."

How comfortable are you with asking your dad questions about any of your concerns?

"Anytime I need to talk to my dad he is always available to me and willing to answer any questions I have about anything. If he is busy, he answers what he can and takes time later in the day to finish talking with me."

Spencer, in one sentence how would you describe your dad?

"My father is the most positive role model I have, I can talk to him about anything, he is always there for me to fall back on in my times of need."

Well once again thank you Spencer, and thank you to Keith for raising such a wonderfully bearded young man. Keep on rocking Mr. Z.