Chris T.

Greetings everyone,

I hope all is well. When I see tension and turmoil in the world I like to look at the positive. What better way to get our minds off of today than to look at the future, and I know we have all heard that children are our future. I don't think that many of us give children enough credit, they are a lot smarter than we think. Many kids today are light years ahead of how we were as children. When I was a child all I needed were a couple of friends and a wooded area where we could (very poorly) build a fort. There was no such thing as cyber-bullying, and no one had cell phones. Your mom knew all your friends by name, unlike today when it seems that many young people have hundreds of "friends" online.

Today I sat down with Chris T. from Rochester. Chris has two teenage daughters. We asked them a few questions about their father. For privacy I wont use their real names so lets call them Lora and Olive.

What is your favorite memory of your father?

Lora: "When we would drive to Beaver Lake in Arkansas and spend the day swimming and fishing."

Olive: "When we went to the Daddy/Daughter dance together."

What have you learned from your father?

Lora: "To not do drugs and to always have a positive attitude."

Olive: "To always be honest and to always face my problems. How to fish, drive a boat, how to grill, take a fish off the hook, and so much more."

Describe your father in a sentence or two.

Lora: "My dad can make any situation fun. He always looks at the bright side of things."

Olive: "Caring, hardworking, funny, smart..... for the most part, and a dad."

Is there anything you ladies might want to add?

Olive: "I love my dad very much."

Well thank you all for joining me and answering a few questions. Chris you have raised two amazing young ladies. We may not always think the world makes sense, but it really warms my heart to know that family is one value we will never lose. Signing off, this is Jaime Otero.