01/09/17- Happy New Year!


Jimmy B. is my guest today.

How did losing your father at a young age, affect your development?

"Well I had no male influence to show me how to become a mature man. I had no discipline or guidance in any aspect of my life after my dad passed. I lost my sense of identity and ended up in a state of depression, which led me to a life of addiction because I did not learn how to cope with life issues."

What was your relationship with your father while he was still here?

"My dad had full custody of me. He was very involved in my school activities, and got me involved in sports, fishing and hunting. Over all it was very good and loving relationship. He did show me affection all the time, he would tell me he loved me and cared about me. He pretty much taught me about gun safety and I shot my first goose at the age of 11, he taught me how to ski, I was out in Colorado skiing Black Diamonds at the age of 11. He taught me almost everything I know about fishing. He also showed me what it was like to be a godly man and he had faith in our savior Jesus Christ and it planted seed in my life at an early age which now looking back I see now that those seeds are finally beginning to produce good fruit from that."

"I never seen my dad disrespect women, in that he was going through a divorce when he died, I never really witnessed any physical abuse or anything like that."