Heather F.

Hello RAFN viewers. Today I have Heather with me. She is 23 years old and an Admissions Rep. at a Treatment facility.

So Heather tell us a little about growing up?

"I am the youngest of three.  One brother, and one sister. My parents have been married for almost 30 years. I am from Rochester. I had a good childhood, my mom was the homemaker. She was the one that connected with us. My dad was the fun one, got us involved in sports, he was competitive. I was raised in a Christian family and we were involved in church. There wasn't much arguing between my parents. My dad was the head of the household."

What was  your favorite memory of your dad growing up?

"He had to go on a lot of business trips and would rotate which kid he brought with him. When I was old enough I got to go to Boston, MA with him. It was like the first time that I got alone time with my dad, it was more like a friend basis and got to tour around Boston. I have lots of good memories about the trip. We went boogie boarding in the ocean, and he lost his glasses. He cant see at all with out them. Since I was 15 and had my permit I had to drive us home. Driving in Boston is crazy. We didn't know our way around and he couldn't see. There was a lot of yelling. It ended up taking a LONG time to get home because we got lost a lot."

What are some things that you learned from your dad?

"I would say that my dad has always been my #1 fan and has taught me how to be confident and how to be brave. He has taught me that I have a voice and I am valued. I am very stubborn, and my dad is very stubborn also. He taught me to let things roll off my back and to let things go, because life is short. He has been the person in my life that I can always run to."

What do you think being a father means?

"A father is someone that is there to protect you. Someone that can teach you how special you are in this world. Someone that is going to help you get back on your feet when you fall. Teaches you right from wrong. I think being a father is a really important role in a child's life because you always want to grow up and be like your dad. A father teaches you forgiveness and grace. A father is someone that is going to make mistakes, and going to be vulnerable and apologize to you. As a woman a father is someone that teaches you what characteristics you should look for in a husband."

Well thank you for joining us today Heather. Dale, thank you for raising such a wonderful person. Have a great day.

-Jaime O.