Disclaimer: First and Foremost we are not legal advisors, nor do we claim to be. Rochester Area Fatherhood Network is meant to help fathers be apart of their children's lives. We strongly suggest speaking with accredited legal professionals in regards to any legal matters. More often than not, Mediators can find some common ground between parties, come to an agreement and avoid litigation. We at RAFN understand that sometimes it is not possible for two parties to reconcile. We, want what is best for children.

Being a great father requires tools and resources. Listed below are ways that fathers can help improve themselves and improve the lives of their children.

The link below is the Community Resources Directory for the Rochester area:


The link below is a very helpful link brought to us by EmPower CTC (Comprehensive Treatment Center)


Young Lives Young Fathers

Contact: Horace Bryant
Work Phone: 507-538-4335 Fax: 

Email: hbrant@savingageneration.net

Provides a positive and supportive place where young unwed fathers ages 16-25 can discuss their concerns. Young Lives Young Fathers meet for group sessions once a week encouraging contact between other young fathers who can share their experiences.
Region(s): Region 6
Service Type: Academic programs (i.e., GED or high school classes), Family law education / services, Mediation or co-parenting skills, Parenting education
Population Served: Teen / adolescent fathers
Address: 1025 Mayowood Road SW | Rochester MN 55902


All parents want to be “Most Valuable Parents” who help their children and teens make smart choices and avoid pitfalls of growing up. Unlike advice sites, MVParents.com is a trusted, research-based resource with tips, ideas, and strategies for raising smart, strong, responsible kids. Sponsored by Search Institute.

The Men’s Line – Minnesota
Call this free 24-hour service for confidential help and information if you are worried, stressed, angry, depressed, or just need to talk to someone who will listen. (612) 379-MENS (612-379-6367) or toll-free in Greater Minnesota: 1-866-379-6367.

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Project Name:
Child Support Enforcement Division, Paternity Prog

Contact: Molly Mulcahy Crawford
Work Phone: 651-431-4400 Fax:

Email: molly.crawford@state.mn.us

The Paternity Program Administrator is a resource for paternity establishment in Minnesota with a primary focus on the voluntary paternity acknowledgement program -- the Recognition of Parentage.
Region(s): Statewide
Service Type: Case management services, Family law education / services
Population Served: All fathers without specific restrictions or areas of focus
Address: 444 Lafayette Rd. | St. Paul MN 55101